X-LC Coating 
(Molybdenum Disulfide, MoS2)

Molybdenum Disulfide Coating

The X-LC coating is a “soft” coating unlike TiN or TiCN “hard” coatings. X-LC lubricates and cools the cutting edge by lowering friction. It also prevents edge build-up cutting Aluminum and other non ferrous materials such as Titanium, Inconel, Platinum, Copper, Brass, Gold, Silver, Lead, etc.

Further applications include bearings and parts with sliding contact.

Excellent properties as a dry lubricant film in outer space.

Properties of MoS2 Coatings

Dark grey almost black in color. 600HV. Working temperature 400/200 degF/degC.

Coefficient of friction <0.2.

Why Advanced Coating Technologies

PVD and DLC Coating Capabilities
Extensive Material and Coating Testing
Industry-Leading Research and Development Team
Ph.D. Scientist onstaff
ISO 9001 & AS9100 Certified
Enhanced Quality Control & Quick Turnaround
Our experience and technology in PVD and DLC as well as other coating applications can help to deliver an even and consistent surface that provides many advantages to your cutting tools.

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