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ACT has extensive in-house coating and testing capabilities including Optical Microscopes, Tribo Meters, Calo Testers, and Fisherscope X-ray systems. Our testing process will confirm the quality and performance of our coating on your medical component. ACT can support your coating needs and provides a variety of coatings and combinations of coatings with over 40 variations. We can provide custom coatings tailored to meet the needs of the medical and dental industry.

Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) is often used for coatings for medical devices, surgical tools, needles, and more. Medical Applications include:
Surgical instruments
Orthopedic implant applications
Pacemakers ( & other Cardiovascular devices/implants)
Dental instruments
Orthodontic instruments
Prosthetic devices for bone/joint implants, etc.
These devices are coated to ensure durability and sterility. When dealing with the human body, safety is ALWAYS our priority. Our team will work with you to solve problems to develop and implement a customized plan that meets your needs. We have scientifically researched vital methods to provide benefits to critical medical components.

ACT has been involved in the development and production of biocompatible PVD, PACVD and ceramic, Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC), and metallic thin film coatings for medical use for more than ten years. We are experienced in the use of multiple coatings for medical devices. We have perfected our coating craft from the beginning to end through the use of our experienced team, dedicated scientist, and extensive state of the art equipment.

The PVD and DLC coatings as well as other coatings are used on a wide variety of medical implants and instruments. The coatings are engineered to withstand sterilization procedures and internal human body conditions.

Coating Advantages

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High hardness and fracture toughness
Uniform and consistent coating
Friction reduction
Improved wear resistance
Increased productivity and performance
Corrosion and oxidation Resistance
Edge retention to keep instruments sharp
Biocompatible properties – does not react to bones, tissues or bodily fluids
Increased quality & performance

Recommended Coatings for Medical

DLC Plus


Advanced Coating Technologies (ACT) is one of the largest coating providers on the West Coast and the country’s leading service providers of medical coatings. We have an experienced team with more than a decade of expertise and knowledge to provide you with medical coating solutions.
ACT has applied its coating expertise and state-of-the-art technology to provide quality performance and critical protection for medical devices. We continue to play a vital role in helping medical device manufacturers enhance the properties of their components to improve outcomes and reduce procedure time & cost. Our goal is to provide you with essential coatings that can make a profound impact on the medical field.

Our ISO 9001 certification ensures you that we adhere to the highest industry standards in order to support a range of medical device applications and provide the ultimate medical coating.

Why Advanced Coating Technologies

PVD and DLC Coating Capabilities
Extensive Material and Coating Testing
Enhanced Quality Control & Quick Turnaround
Industry-Leading Research and Development Team
Ph.D. Scientist on
ISO 9001 & 
AS9100 Certified
Non Toxicity Approved for Medical Use

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