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ACT provides a variety of advanced coatings for the automotive industry and we offer newer and much cleaner alternatives. The coatings provide a tremendous benefit to components, increasing durability as well as improving performance and efficiency.

ACT offers the ideal coatings for the to allow for the best surface coverage. The coating techniques will improve the hardness and resistance to oxidation as well as wear and tear. Testing occurs throughout the process to ensure a consistent and quality finish.

ACT offers a variety of coatings options, including Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) and Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC). The coating strengthens the automotive components, reducing the need for repair or replacement making the product cost-effective. Our services will help to improve the materials making them resistant to wear, friction, and corrosion.

Coating Advantages

The PVD coatings provide many advantages for automotive components including:
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Increased resistance to prevent wear and corrosion
Improved friction which allows the parts to slide smoothly
Increased durability of components to improve the overall life of the components
Reduced energy losses of valve training components and engine bearings
Improved engine efficiency and performance
Develop the rich coated appearance
Environmentally-friendly by reducing carbon emissions and improving fuel efficiency

Recommended Coatings for Automotive

DLC Plus
TiCN Red
The hardness of the coatings allows for the reduction of lubrication, heat conduction, and protection from wear. ACT coatings save overall machining costs by increasing the efficiency of your tools and parts allowing for higher cutting speeds and feed. Your productivity will increase as you will spend less time on tool changes as a result of the extended tool life.
We provide a variety of coatings for cutting tools and these coatings come in an assortment of color options.


As one of the largest coating providers on the West Coast, Advanced Coating Technologies (ACT) provides solutions to improve the surface properties of automotive components. We meet the highest industry standards and our staff is experienced in the latest technologies. Our high-quality advanced coating solutions provide enhanced technologies for the automobile industry. ACT’s coatings not only protect against corrosion, abrasion, and degradation of components, but they also provide improved functionality such as fuel efficiency.
We continue to enhance our coating technologies to meet and exceed automotive industry innovations. This would include the use of lightweight metals as well as expanding the use of coatings on various components to heighten their properties and performance. Our advanced coatings have evolved rapidly to improve and enhance the surface characteristics of your automobile components.

Why Advanced Coating Technologies

PVD and DLC Coating Capabilities
Extensive Material and Coating Testing
Industry-Leading Research and Development Team
Ph.D. Scientist on nstaff
ISO 9001 &  AS9100 Certified
Enhanced Quality Control & Quick Turnaround
State-of-the-art technology and equipment is used to ensure the highest quality coating.

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