About Us

Who is ACT?

Advanced Coating Technologies (ACT) is the leading service supplier of high-performance coatings technologies on the West Coast. By using our coating technology, you’ll notice several improvements in your precision components.
Greater Wear Resistance
Better Component Efficiency
Improved Durability
Less Friction
Luxurious Coated Appearance
Enhanced Component Performance
Starting its operations in 2007, ACT is located in Valencia, California and is one of the main coating providers on the West Coast.

What Does ACT Do?

ACT improves the quality of your tools with our certified high-performance coatings. We develop thin and hard coatings to reduce friction and wear. Our entire production process is designed to improve the longevity and performance of your components.
ACT is adaptable and flexible with our customers. Our team can help you solve any problems that you’re facing. Additionally, our in-house scientist is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns. We strive to support your operations with the best coating performance and efficiency. ACT’s extensive in-house coating facility also has a wide range of testing capabilities,
Coating services include coatings using PVD-, CVD-Technologies, Sputtering and Arcing as well as Plasma Nitriding.

Weapons and firearms often have coated components that improve the performance of internal working mechanisms. Our coatings also aid in improving the endurance of your gun barrels especially when your weapons are exposed to extreme heat. ACT can provide thin coated films for internal mechanisms such as: handguns, pistols, and rifles. Additionally, our coatings also aid in the performance of frames, mag release pins, and ejectors. The original gun components would remain intact while having an impressive coated appearance. Our certified Federal Firearms License (FFL) helps our customers get the coatings that they need with fewer restrictions.

PVD services include: TiN, TiCN, ZrN, CrN, TiAIN, AlTiN, MoS2 (X-LC) and many more.

Many of our PVD coatings work well with high-speed & high-pressure friction of internal working mechanisms. Our coatings help reduce the damage of extreme heat exposed to the gun barrel as well as the reciprocation motions that will wear on the body & frame.

Why Choose Advanced Coating Technologies?

Our certified personnel have over 12+ extensive years in the coating industry. Our team’s expertise can assist you to get the best coating application for your project. ACT can help you when your tools are under high levels of stress or if you need high-performance coatings. Our coating methods reduce friction and improve wear resistance/corrosion resistance at a price that’s cost-effective.
We are the only coating company certified with Federal Firearms License (FFL) on the West Coast. The certificate enables us to process serialized guns, firearms components, and accept assembled firearms into our coating facility. This is a massive benefit for our customers since there are fewer obstacles for you to achieve reduced friction and high-performance coatings on your firearms.

Industries that we serve include:

High-Performance Sports
ACT’s scientists have worked hard to develop coating processes and layers with well-defined and enhanced properties. If your goal is immediate improvements with high-performance coatings or the joint development of new and innovative solutions, ACT gets it done.

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