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Our service includes coatings that can be applied to guns, weapons, components, tactical accessories, knives, cutting tools, and archery equipment. ACT offers the ideal coating technologies to allow for the best surface coverage. The coating is consistently and uniformly applied to enhance surface durability and appearance. Additionally, our coatings reinforce and improve the surface of the components to provide you with a consistent and quality finish.

ACT is the one of only a few coating facilities on the West Coast that has a Federal Firearms License. We are certified to handle all firearm components for coating. We can process guns and firearm components as well as assembled firearms in our coating facility. The field of firearms has seen a revolutionary amount of advanced coatings that deliver an exceptional product and finish. Our team of experts can offer you a full spectrum of premium coatings and we can provide a finished project on time and at a great value
This large in-house production site has numerous state-of-the-art Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) machines that can create over 20+ custom coatings. Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) or DLC coatings are applied to improve resistance to everyday components to improve wear and tear. The coating properties improve the overall hardness of the material and its ability to withstand higher temperatures. Additionally, our coatings provide resistance to corrosion along with improving the lifespan of your weapon.

You can choose from a variety of coatings and finished polishes. A selection of reflective or non-reflective surfaces is also offered.

Coating Advantages

The coating can be applied to steel & titanium components and does not interfere with the use of your weapon. Our work will help the components last longer and perform better.
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The coatings provide several advantages to firearms including:
Added protection to reduce the scraping of sand and dirt
Prevent the attack of chemicals and fungus
Reduce damage to components as a result of dirt or debris

Recommended Coatings for Defense & Firearms:

DLC Plus
DLC Rainbow
TiCN Red
Our exclusive firearm coatings can be applied to steel and titanium components without interfering with the use of your weapon. Our work will help the components last longer by reducing the overall wear and tear of the components including the provision of greater corrosion protection. Advanced coatings will make the weapon easier to clean with less maintenance required.
Firearm coating benefits include:
Higher wear resistance
Material protection
Reduce wear and tear
Reduce the need for frequent servicing
Improve friction which allows the parts to slide smoothly
Better protection against common firearm environmental conditions e.g dirt and dust
Corrosion resistance
Greater heat resistance
Increased Lubrication
Extend the life of your weaponry
Increased durability, and greater tolerance to repetitive motions

PVD and DLC, as well as other coating  applications, can be applied to:

Mag release pins
Flash suppressors
Mounting bases
Cable guards
Releases, etc.


Advanced Coating Technologies (ACT) is a leading service provider of surface coating technologies. Our experienced staff and leading scientists provide expertise and superior coating solutions for weapons and firearms.
ACT provides advanced coatings and a quality process that meets defense and military standards to make your firearm the best that it can be. We are proud to hold a Federal Firearms License that allows ACT to offer coating services to the firearms industry and to receive specialized parts for coating.

Why Advanced Coating Technologies

PVD and DLC Coating Capabilities
PVD and DLC Coating Capabilities
Enhanced Quality Control & Quick Turnaround
Industry-Leading Research and Development Team
Federal Firearms License Certified
Experience with custom firearm coatings

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