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Our service includes coatings that can be applied to guns, weapons, components, tactical accessories, knives, cutting tools, and archery equipment. ACT offers the ideal coating technologies to allow for the best surface coverage. The coating is consistently and uniformly applied to enhance surface durability and appearance. Additionally, our coatings reinforce and improve the surface of the components to provide you with a consistent and quality finish.

Coating Advantages

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Reduced friction and wear
Provides thermal stability
Increased lubricity to minimize potential hazards
Improved hardness and smoothness of the material
Protect against corrosion with enrichment of the surface layers

Recommended Coatings for Aerospace:

DLC Plus

ACT provides coatings that offer a uniform and consistent finish. The coatings ensure proper tolerance and are tested to ensure safety requirements are met.

Often for the aerospace industry, there can be severe abrasive wear and crack formations that can occur in components. The PVD coating adds high hardness and low friction that can be an ideal coating for aerospace components. Another common occurrence in the aerospace industry is that fretting (adhesive transfer of material between contacting surfaces) leads to abrasive wear and crack formations in mechanical components. Applying PVD coating to mechanical components in jet engines can provide benefits by protecting against fretting. Thanks to PVD coatings high hardness and low friction, aerospace components can have an ideal metal coating.

These coatings are suited to high-temperature endurance, fluctuating temperatures, and extreme conditions. The coatings improve wear resistance and increase the lifetime of the component. Ultimately, this will save you time and money by avoiding repairs and equipment replacement.

PVD coating applications can be used for:

Compression blades
Knuckle joints
Ball screws
Assembly guides
Piston heads
Ice cutters
Functional instrumentation


As one of the country’s leading service providers of surface coating technologies, Advanced Coating Technologies (ACT) has developed a range of surface engineered solutions along with our company being certified to handle all aerospace components for coatings. Our AS9100 License allows us to expand our horizons to apply our exclusive advanced coatings to your aerospace components. Many of our products are used throughout the aerospace industry. Our coatings can help improve efficiency, increase durability, and enhance the performance of your components.
With critical devices, the right advanced coating is extremely important in reducing long-term damage and providing outstanding protective properties to increase the lifetime of the component. ACT has a leading research & development team experienced with the aerospace industry and we are closely located to numerous aerospace company headquarters. We offer advanced coating solutions to the aerospace industry that exceed your specifications.

Why Advanced Coating Technologies

PVD and DLC Coating Capabilities
Extensive Material and Coating Testing
Enhanced Quality Control & Quick Turnaround
Industry-Leading Research and Development Team
ISO 9001
Ph. D. Scientist on staff
AS9100 Certified, Aerospace Quality Control Certification

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