Federal Firearms License

ACT is certified to handle all firearm components for coating
ACT wants to be ahead of the curve and find new ways to deliver the most optimal coating performance for your firearms. Working with us is easier now than ever before since we are certified with a Federal Firearms License.

We can now accept assembled firearms along with process guns & serialized firearm components. There are fewer restrictions for you to get improved performance coatings when you choose ACT as your coating provider
ACT is certified to handle all aerospace components and coatings
AS9100:2016 Rev.D

Advanced Coating Technologies is fully licensed to handle all of your aerospace component needs. We go above and beyond expectations by ensuring our customers that we can solve their problems by improving their components’ efficiency when they show up to our facility.

That’s why ACT is a premier coating choice to achieve reduced friction and improved lifespan of critical aerospace industry components. Additionally, coated components can minimize potential hazards with increased lubricity and corrosion protection. The AS9100 License indicates that we utilize advanced engineered solutions for all of your aerospace requirements.

ACT meets the industry standard for all manufacturing matter

ISO9001:2015 Certified
ACT is ISO 9001 Certified. This certification suggests that we have clear operating processes when it comes to our coatings. Advanced Coating Technologies value high efficiency and uphold the highest standards when it comes to our coatings for every industry that we service.

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