Advanced Coating Technologies uses the latest in European coating technology. This enables us to offer our customers the ideal coating for each individual application without compromise. ACT has partnered with Platit who is a world leader in advanced coating technologies. Our coating machines include the Platit Pi300 and the Pl1000 among others and our new and upgraded clean line allows for the best possible adhesion for your parts. This technology along with our technical staff and our coating processes gives us the ability to excel at coating your part and tools.

Platit Pi300

With PLATIT’s easy loading carousel tool holders, different tool types & sizes can be mixed and coated in one load to maximize cycle efficiency.

After coating, a cool-down box is used to contain and remove any excess coating dust particles to help maintain our clean-room environment.

Advanced Coating Technologies

Platit PL1001

  • High capacity hard coating machine
  • Based on PLATIT’s patented cathode ARC technology
  • PVD coating on HSS, Cobalt, & Tungsten Carbide
  • Highest quality and consistent coating 

Swiss made PLATIT unit is the ‘state-of-the-art’ equipment in the coating industry.  With in-house Platit PL1001 Compact coating center, we can minimize production lead time and lowering cost. This machine is capable of applying TiN, TiCN, AlTiN, ZRN coatings.

Advanced Coating Technologies



  • HPIES High Performance Ion Etching System
  • Rapid target material exchange
  • Lowest cost per batch
  • Negligible coating thickness tolerance +/- 0,2
  • Up to 4 different target materials
  • Customized configuration: e.g. 2 ARC + 2 Magnetron
  • Flexible and productive


Monolayers • Multilayers • Gradient layers • Nano layers • Nanocomposite • Duplex layers

Dedicated Coatings:

  • Cutting tools
  • Forming and Molding
  • Precision components
Advanced Coating Technologies


• Useful coating volume: Ø 550 x H 500 mm or Ø 600 x H 700 mm

• Very low running costs due to target-oriented design and process

• DUPLEX option for Plasma nitriding

• Modular platform for different coatings:

  • DLC
  • Duplex DLC
  • WC/C
  • CrN
Advanced Coating Technologies