ACT is known for providing premium surfacing coating services that include Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). PVD uses lower temperatures for the application process that helps to potentially avoid distorting the integrity of the tool. ACT uses state-of-the-art control equipment and testing to provide a flawless finished product.  If you’re looking for the best custom gun coatings services in Los Angeles, just visit us. Learn more here.


Firearm coating services

PVD is a process where the material is vaporized at a high temperature in a vacuum. When the vapor is added to the surface, it will provide thin solid layers of pure coating to deliver a harder surface to the component. The coating process is environmentally friendly, meets FDA requirements, and is non-toxic.  ACT is the best gun coating services in Los Angeles Map. If you are looking for the best gun coating services, firearm coating services, custom gun coatings then ACT is the best choice for you though. Learn more about Firearm coating services Los Angeles