ACT is focused on a high-quality coating application to optimize the performance and efficiency of the component, allowing for increased uptime and profitability. The CVD coating provides greater protection to the component allowing it to withstand exposure to low and high temperatures as well as acting as a barrier to corrosion and wear. The extended tool life will allow you to spend less time and money on tool changes or repairs. CVD coatings are known as being an environmentally friendly durable surface. Flow our driving directions 28700 Castaic Canyon Rd, Valencia, CA 91355, USA. Visit this link for more information.

Custom gun coatings

Advanced Coating Technologies (ACT) is located in Valencia, California and we are SoCal’s leading service provider of advanced surface coatings. We have the expertise to custom design a broad range of equipment and components including the use of Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) coatings.  If you are looking for the best firearm coating services, gun coating services, custom gun coatings then ACT is the best choice for you though. Read about 28618 The Old Rd, Valencia, CA 91355, USA.